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6 reasons why you should choose nursing at Uniting

  1. Your nursing skills will have the chance to shine while you make a real difference. From wound care and medication management, to acute care and rehabilitation, as well as planning, communication and compassion. 
  2. You’ll be truly appreciated by residents and families for supporting their wellbeing.
  3. You’ll gain valuable leadership skills you probably weren’t taught at uni. And we’ll support you with training and development in your areas of interest. 
  4. Unlike rotating hospital rosters, you’ll have regular shifts for work-life balance
  5. You’ll be an advocate for older people, believing in their right to age with dignity and respect. Your daily practice of person-centered care will demonstrate how vital and skilled aged care nursing really is. 
  6. As an experienced and dedicated practitioner, you’ll be noticed and promoted faster than you would in the hospital system.

Uniting is committed to supporting people through all ages and stages of life, and we always welcome everyone exactly as they are. If you share our values of being compassionate, respectful, imaginative and bold, we’d love to hear from you. To learn more about the benefits of working at Uniting click here

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